Directional Drilling & Other Services

Location of utility services

We specialise in locating underground services:

  • Electronic and physical identification of existing services and utilities; power, telecommunication, gas, water, sewer etc.
  • Using latest high spec Ditch Witch utility guard and Mala ground penetrating radar.
  • Ditch Witch Hydro vac to positively identify true location of services.
  • We ensure the best onsite means of environmentally friendly spoil, silt and slurry removal is achieved.

Swift drilling

 Directional drilling

  • DitchWitch JT922
  • DitchWitch JT20
  • Ditch Witch TTS
  • Ditch Witch FX20 Vacuum Excavator

Our specialist directional drilling equipment is used for a range of jobs including:

~ Fibre                    ~ Gas
~ Water                  ~ Phone
~ Pipes/Ducts       ~ Cables
~ Sewer and Storm water-install/ upgrade

[rev_slider finish]Additional services

  • Traffic management
  • Specialises in emergency and fault restoration
  • Mini excavator Hitachi ZX1745 and tip truck works
  • Landscaping
  • Trenching in


Quality finish

We pride ourselves with ensuring whatever has been dug or drilled that everything is put back to the highest standards leaving no mess or disruption for our clients to deal with.